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As Whitney Houston sings, "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all!" Carol Hansen Grey's Lighten Up eBook and MP3 audio recording of her Lighten Up workshop teaches you a simple, 5-minute-a-day process that helps you reach that state of unconditional love of yourself. Once you reach that state, you will truly experience magic in your life!

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Through Lighten Up I have developed a true appreciation of my body and have lost two dress sizes! ~Judi S., Pleasant Hill, CA

Lighten Up is an extraordinary discovery. It's amazing how something so simple can be so profound. It is definitely for everyone! ~Jenifer T., Alameda, CA

The Lighten Up process is going to change the world. It heals on all levels -- physical, emotional and mental. What a gift! Thank you, Carol! ~Cecile Z., Santa Fe, NM

Within one month of doing Lighten Up I lost 20 pounds, lowered my blood pressure from 160 over 108 to 120 over 82, lowered my cholesterol by 75 points and my triglycerides by 200 points! This process is the missing piece of the puzzle. ~Pat M., Novato, CA

Since I first began Lighten Up I could not walk without the aid of knee braces and I was very depressed. Within 6 weeks of starting the Lighten Up process I was able to walk without the braces, I was losing weight and my depression had lifted. It’s a miracle! ~Yona P., Concord, CA

I bought your CD 10 months ago and started the process right away. In those 10 months I have lost 115 pounds. Thank you, Carol. Lighten Up has given me a new life. ~Lanny R, Branson, MO

Lighten Up is magic and the process has changed my life! I have become self-empowered and now actually love myself. Thank you, Carol. ~Laura O, Concord, CA

Lighten Up is great! It is like magic!. I had a continuous pain in my upper back from a car accident I was in 8 months ago. It hurt every time I would take a deep breath. Very shortly after I started Lighten Up the pain went completely away. Also, my husband, who doesn’t dole out compliments (and doesn’t know that I’m doing Lighten Up), mentioned several times recently how much younger I am looking. It must be working! ~Sandi F., Largo, FL

I bought your CD with the hopes of sharing it with my 16 year old daughter. We have not been getting along for the last year and I didn’t know if she would even be open to listening to it. To my surprise she not only listened to it, she began the process immediately and what thrills me most is that our relationship is blossoming. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world! It truly is a peace-maker! ~Darlene R., Folsom, CA

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