Join Brentwood Inspired Living Center community in this amazing opportunity to support our Expansion Project.

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Carol Hansen Grey has been teaching people how to free themselves from fear and how to love themselves for over 30 years. She has presented her workshops to over one hundred New Thought communities throughout the U.S. and Canada, including her presentation here for our Brentwood Community two years ago.

As a way to express her gratitude to Brentwood Inspired Living Center, Carol is offering her Journey to an Open Heart package as an opportunity to support our EXPANSION PROJECT. Forty percent of each sale generated will be donated directly to our Brentwood Inspired Living Center.

The link you clicked on that brought you to this webpage has been created specifically for Brentwood Inspired Living Center. If supporting our Center through purchasing and/or sharing these products resonates with you, we invite you to share this link with your friends and associates. We will receive $24.00 from each sale made from this link.

Thank you for your participation in this sacred energetic exchange with Brentwood Inspired Living Center. Your package will include the following downloadable products:

When you participate in this amazing opportunity, you will receive the following downloadable products!

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Free Yourself from Fear

Carol's Free Yourself from Fear ebook describes a spiritual approach to helping you step into your personal empowerment.

The Free Yourself from Fear MP3 is an audio recording of a 45-minute Free Yourself from Fear workshop taught by Carol & Victor to a live audience.

Both the ebook and the MP3 teach you a simple, spiritual process that enables you to transform any disempower-ing thought that keeps you stuck in an energy that is less than love.

Listen to Carol's

Free Yourself Story

Lighten Up!

Carol's Lighten Up ebook explains an easy, 5 minute-a-day process that brings you into a state of unconditional love of yourself (and WHY it's important to love yourself!).

The Lighten Up MP3 is a 60 minute audio recording of one of Carol's Lighten Up Workshops presented in front of a live audience.

Both the ebook and the MP3 support you in stepping into your personal power by coming into a state of unconditional self-love!

Listen to Carol's

Lighten Up Story

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